2016 DBMM Competition

The competition is for 15mm 400pts singles for the date period 476AD to 1071AD, with two games being played over one day

Additionally, players will have available an extra 20 points to purchase stratagems (see pages 15 to 17 of the rulebook). The extra 20 points may not be exchanged for troops or anything other than stratagems. If the extra points are not used they are lost. Please note that some stratagems are only available to a Brilliant General and that they are limited for an Inert General. If using a Brilliant General the extra cost of the general must be purchased entirely from the original 400 army points not partially from the additional 20 points. Players may of course spend more than 20 points on stratagems but if they do the amount above the additional 20 must come from the original 400 army points. Players should indicate clearly on their army list the stratagems they are taking and the respective cost.
The usual Swiss Chess system will be used although I will endeavour to keep players from the same club apart if possible. The latest date for submission of army lists will be 2 weeks before the event - lists to me for checking please. Time of day and weather rules will be played unless players mutually agree otherwise before the start of their games.

The timings for the day are as follows:

 Venue opens 8.30

 1st game starts 9.00

 1st game finishes 12.15 (variable by 0-10 minutes)

 Lunch Break

 2nd game starts 1.15

 2nd game finishes 4.30 (variable by 0-10 minutes)

The entry cost will be £6.50, pay on the day.

Confirmation of entry will be by submission of your army list. However, it would be useful if players could indicate as soon as possible whether they intend to take part so I can get some idea of numbers in advance. For entries and other enquiries please contact Bill Skinner at


SAGA at Stoke Challenge
Sunday 9th July 2016

SAGA contest for 8 point warbands.

Players should bring an 8 point warband from any of the official published factions. The same warband list will be used in each game and equipment options are fixed across all games. Heroes, Swords for Hire, Dogs of War and War Banners are all permitted as per the rules.

The contest will consist of three games using the following scenarios:
Sacred Ground – Escalation
Clash of Warlords – Butcher’s Version
Champions of God

Players will win between 0 and 4 tournament points for results in each game. The highest total will win overall.

Details regarding prizes, entry fee and full rules are to follow. To sign up or for more information please contact Joe by email:

Wargods of Aegyptus

28mm Ancient Egyptian Fantasy
(Sorry, not Wendigo or Olympus)

For details please contact Ant at:

In Her Majesty’s Name
28mm Steampunk

For details please contact Ant at:

Empire of the Dead
28mm Gothic Victoriana

For details please contact Ant at:

All events subject to minimum interest of 10 participants.
Arrivals from 9am for registration – play starts from 9.30am to 10am.
Finish set for 4pm but please allow for later finishes and award ceremonies.
Plenty of free parking – food and drinks available on site.
Each competition is £20 to join, covering event costs and prizes.